On this website, the Secretariat of the Climate Security Expert Network provides information and material on the nexus between climate change and security.

The Climate Security Expert Network was set up to support the UN system in addressing climate-fragility risks. Specifically, it supports the Climate Security Mechanism, which was set up to strengthen the UN's institutional capacity to identify, prevent and manage climate-related security risks, and the Group of Friends on Climate and Security, which was founded by Germany and Nauru within the UN on 1 August 2018 to further strengthen UN engagement on the issue and enable the UN to better respond to these risks. The network consists of some 30 experts from around the globe.

Climate change is a key risk to global peace and stability because its effects can aggravate and prolong conflicts and make it harder to reach and sustain peace. Yet there are still significant knowledge gaps as to how these effects play out across different regions and what needs to be done to address them. The Climate Security Expert Network supports policy-makers within and beyond the UN by synthesising knowledge on climate-fragility risks and making this knowledge easily accessible for policy-makers. To this end, it produces thematic and geographic analyses. Geographic analyses come in the shape of two-page factsheets summarising risks and entry points, whereas longer risk briefs provide context and further analysis.

Beyond climate-fragility risk assessments, the website features a short Q&A on climate change-related security risks and a short history of how the UN Security Council has engaged on this issue, as well as links to related resources.